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Certs without values worthless – CPA Headmaster
Attaining certificates without being able to perform to its merit is of no significance, Mr John Appiah Addo, headmaster of Crown Prince Academy has said. In his welcome address at the school’s 13 graduation ceremony in Accra on Saturday, Mr Appiah said: “Doing well academically is fine, well and good! But the world has always looked beyond certificates.” In his view, one could acquire all the academic laurels in the world, but “certificates without values, without charity, without discipline, and without fellow-feeling attributes, is of no consequence in the eyes of society, family and followers”. Mr Appiah, also urged parents to help schools infuse discipline in their children. “Charity, it is said, begins at home. How much can the teachers and the school, if the home does not complement our efforts?” he asked. “The teaching of children of how to sweep, clean the environment, their moral behaviour, respect for elders, humility, confidence, cook and what have you, begin at home and, indeed, must begin at home. So, family time together, discussions and togetherness, display of love and care, checking of assignments from school, must be done by parents for the children to pick these values,” Mr Appiah said. As far as discipline is concerned, Mr Appiah urged students to shed off arrogance as they advance in their learning, especially when they get to their final year at the junior high level. “When you observe closely, you would realise that most professors, doctorate degree holders and avid readers are humble and always want to listen to other views. The reason is that the more you read, the more you feel you are still empty. "Yes, confidence is very important and encouraged in CPA because without it, you cannot go far in pursuing your dreams, but simply don’t equate it to arrogance.” He said the 23-year-old school has come far since its humble beginnings. CPA’s first graduating class took place at the main school in 2004. Sixty-four students graduated that day. On Saturday, 97 students graduated, bringing the total number of graduands from the school to 1,145. “Our pride as a school stems from how well our students are brightening the corners in most of the 2nd cycle schools and tertiary institutions both in Ghana and outside Ghana. "The excitement and pride with which parents speak to us about how well our former students are performing in the various schools of secondary and tertiary fill us with joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.” Citing an example, Mr Appiah said, “just this year, Miss Henrietta Appiah of class of 2008, graduated from the Ashesi University with the highest award of ‘Magna Cum Laude’, which means she ‘graduated with great distinction’. For her efforts, she has been offered a scholarship for a Master’s programme in the United States of America.” Source: Ghana/StarrFMonline.com/103.5FM/Miriam Hayford